Winchester USA 5.56x45 Ammo 55 grain M193 FMJ Stripper Clips and Loading Tool Case of 600 Rounds WM193CP

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  • 5.56x45 (5.56 NATO)
  • 55 grain M193 FMJ
  • 30 rounds per box (3 reusable stripper clips + loading tool in each box)
  • 20 boxes per case
  • 3180 fps

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Categories: Ammunition
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Winchester
Model: USA
Number of Rounds: 600
SKU: 020892228849
UPC: 020892228849
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (9)
By AW on 01/02/24
Good ammo

Good Ammo with easy to load packaging!

By Tim Holmes on 04/18/23
High function.

Makes nice little holes in the paper every time I do my job.

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By Eddie on 11/04/22
GUNPRIME to the Recuse

Great place to purchase ammo , good price and fast shipping

By LW Leal on 10/04/22

What can I say, have always trusted Winchester ammo!
It's hard to beat this deal!
30 round boxes on stripper clips.

By Tony Monday on 09/24/22
Great deal!

Great price, great service, fast shipping! BANG!

By Rodney B. on 09/15/22
Awesome ammo !!!

This is a must have. My chronograph testing showed 100 fps or more over any other 5.56 or .223 ammo that I tested, including my best handloads. Accuracy was more than acceptable. This is replacing my supply of Federal Lake City XM193. Two thumbs up !!!

By Joe on 09/07/22
Amazing Company

Product was packed nicely and shipped quickly. Happy that they ship to NY! Definitely purchasing again

By GlueckAuf on 09/03/22
American-made, NATO-standard AR-15 Ammo

This is the quality ammunition that defends the Nation. The LC stamp on the base of these cartridges stands for Lake City (Missouri), the US government-owned, Olin-Winchester-operated munitions plant that produces them for both the US military and civilian AR-15 owners alike. Each box of 30 rounds contains one steel loading tool (also called a guide or spoon) that's used to rapidly refill the weapon's full-capacity magazines from the three, 10-round stripper clips in each box. The speed with which an M4 mag can be filled using this method is a potential life-saver for Soldiers and Marines in melee combat. But it's a great time saver on a peaceful rifle range, too. This is freshly-produced, true M193 spec, full metal jacket (FMJ), ball ammunition. The brass also bears the NATO alliance symbol on its base, indicating that it meets the tough standards demanded by the US and its European allies.

By MuskyTom on 08/28/22
Good price and and no jams

Getting to know my MR556 and took a chance (well, not really - mostly great luck with other Winchester caliburs, except the "value" lines). They say my HK will eat anything and it does. 100 rounds through on my first outing and neither disappointed. Love the strip clips, once I stopped being gentle with them. I'll order again.

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