Winchester Lake City 5.56 NATO Ammo 62 grain M855 Green Tip FMJ Box of 500 Rounds WM855500

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  • 5.56x45 (5.56 NATO)
  • 62 grain green tip
  • 3060 fps
  • 500 rounds per box

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Categories: Ammunition
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Winchester
Model: USA
Number of Rounds: 500
SKU: 020892229280-500
MPN: WM855500
UPC: 020892229280
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (6)
By Txrancher47 on 12/09/22
Good buy...GUNPRIME is easy and dependable to deal with.

Good price and SUPER FAST shipping!

The rounds are worth the money especially with the manufacture's discount.

By Archmark on 09/30/22
Great Price For Great Ammo!!!

I haven't found quality green tip for 41 cents a round in quite a while, so when I saw this I jumped on it. I prefer 62 gr. over 55 gr. anyway, so this purchase was an easy choice, especially since my FN M249S has quite an appetite!!!

By Stever on 08/29/22
Great Ammo for the Price

Shoots clean and true. 3 inch consistent grouping at 100 yards with a 3X ACOG red dot scope.

User uploaded images:

By Great customer service on 08/28/22
Very Satisfied

Easy ordering process and quick delivery of the product. Also great price! Very satisfied! Will order again in the future.

By cglaydon_ on 08/26/22
Beauty Price

Lake City is one of the best. Beauty Price.

By rob on 08/25/22
nothing but good

I have never had a miss fire with this ammo. I have used other brands but I prefer Winchester. Can't go wrong.

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