Additional Info Factory New
Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19 Para)
manufacturerName Sig Sauer
model P365 Nitron Micro-Compact
UPC 798681621682
MPN 365-9-bxr3-tacpac

Sig Sauer P365 9mm TacPac W/ Manual Safety 365-9-BXR3-MS-TACPAC



The Sig Sauer P365 is now available in an exclusive Tactical Package (Tac Pac), complete with three 12-round Sig Sauer factory magazines, and a Sig Sauer P365 Kydex holster. 

Since the P365 made its debut, it was an immediate success. The consumer demand for a micro compact pistol with a full-size capacity was extraordinary, and as a result, the P365 quickly became the most popular micro-compact pistol on the market today. The only feature that was consistently requested was that of a manual safety. The P365-MS adds this feature with the same concealability and capacity as the original P365, all while maintaining the pistol's thin profile and ergonomic feel.

The P365-MS is a high-capacity, micro-compact, striker-fired, 9mm pistol featuring an ambi-manual safety, ambi-mag catch, and a polymer grip module.


What's in the Box

  • Sig Sauer P365 9mm Striker-Fired Pistol with Manual Safety
  • (3) 12-Round Magazines 
  • Sig Sauer P365 Kydex Holster
  • Cable Lock
  • Owner's Manual
Categories: Semi Auto Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: SIG SAUER
Model: 365 TACPAC
Caliber: 9mm
SKU: 798681621675
UPC: 798681621675
Vendor: Approved FFL Dealer
Reviews (3)
By Mark on 12/17/20
Great Experience

Excellent experience overall

By Charlie on 06/17/20
I love it, it’s lightweight and fits anywhere, I never leave home without it!!!👍👍

I had it about 2 months now and I recommend it to a few people, I also recommend that they purchase it from
The only one issue I had, was the magazine’s being so tight and hard to load! I bought a Mag Loader by UpLULA and I kinda solved that problem, but they are still very tight and can barely get the 12 rounds in them. Other than that I love it👍👍

By RLH on 06/14/20
My new EDC

Owning several pistols for home defense, personal defense and hunting, I was looking for something I could have on me all the time and easily carry and access. The P365 performs this role really well for me. I always have this pistol, in condition 1, on me. It will fit in a hip pocket, it will not fit in a shirt pocket.

The holster is OK; but I replaced it, after trying it for a couple weeks, with one I like a little better. Holsters are something that I tend to have several of anyway.
The 12 round magazines, I recommend getting, are better for my hand size and how I carry. I also bought a 10 round magazine, which makes the grip really small in my hand; but also make the P365 fit in a trouser pocket a little better.

Some will tell you not to buy a defensive carry pistol with a thumb safety, I am one that disagrees and have carried thumb safety pistols for over 30 years. One of the rules of firearms safety is to not put your finger on the trigger until you have your sights lines up on your target, if you can do that instinctively you can train yourself to flip the thumb safety off when you draw and I do. Since I am wide at the waist, pushing a compact carry pistol past my shirt tail into an IWB holster risks snagging the trigger and having an accidental discharge. Due to this risk and over 30 years of pistol handling a condition 1 pistol having a thumb safety, I like the P365 with the thumb safety. I don't have to think about switching it off anymore than I have to think about not putting my finger on the trigger until I have my sights lined up on my target.

Small size of this pistol is the limit of how small I would go for a compact carry. I have, when I first got and started practicing drawing this pistol, fumbled the grip and dropped the pistol about 3 times. It is a small grip and carrying IWB, pressed against the shirt tail and new to the tiny grip, it took some training to get the holster placement and handling down. The down side of such a small pistol is getting your hands on it to draw and present it.

Small sight radius, with the small grip makes it not as easy to have your sights naturally lined up on what you point at, easier with a longer barreled pistol to acquire zero. That said, this pistol is very accurate and the night sights are really easy for me to see and aim with. I easily get 10 shots within 4" grouping at 10 yards with this pistol; but if I stop and take my time, I can get very accurate shot placement.

Everything else about the gun I am happy with, trigger, mag release, reload, charging a round into the chamber ... all just fine and I have no complaints or suggestions of anything should be different. I carry this pistol IWB every waking moment, it is completely invisible to others, it functions flawlessly and accurately. I would recommend it to my best friends and would buy one for somebody I loved and cared about. I bought Sig because I would rather buy and have a Sig than the other choices, just personal preference. I like having a full size pistol more in my hand; but this P365 I can carry completely unnoticed to both me and others all the time. Previously I have carried a Beretta 85, a Beretta 92 FS, Colt Commander 45ACP, Tanfoglio Witness Pro 10mm and various other defensive options like an AR pistol or shotgun. The P365 just is so easy to always have on me and I feel it is a great EDC option for me.

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