Additional Info This red laser uses a barrel band to fit the front of the 10/22 forend. Made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, it is lightweight, easy to operate and adjustable for windage and elevation. Two integrated Picatinny rail surfaces allow for attachment of additional accessories.

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Brand New, Ruger® 10/22® LaserMax Ruger Red Laser, This Custom-designed Ruger® 10/22® Laser seamlessly integrates on your 10/22® rifle to help all shooters, novice experts, improve their accuracy. Shoot with more confidence whether you are target shooting, learning or having fun while plinking. Attaches by swapping out your existing barrel band, Easily adjusts for windage and elevation, Battery included, Provides built-in Picatinny rails for other accessories, Approximately two hours of runtime, Shooting distance out to 100 yards depending on lighting conditions, Quality and ruggedness you can trust from LaserMax. Ruger® Factory Laser

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Condition: New
Manufacturer: Ruger
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MPN: 90417
UPC: 736676904174
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (13)
By Guy on 04/22/24
Good price

Decent price.

By Chad on 03/20/24
Neat little add on to my 10/22.

Great price and a neat add on to my 10/22. Should have bought one of these years ago.

By CJ5 on 12/19/22
Like IT

Easy to install and adjust!! I feel the quality could be a little better but i like the added piece of equipment. I still need to field test.

By Dave on 09/20/22
Useful item

I’m a Project Appleseed instructor. The use of this laser on a 10-22 dummy stock really helps shooters learn how to get their natural point of aim that is so important to achieving accuracy. It gives them immediate feedback on where their rifle is really pointed. I’ve used these on rifles for fun and they work well for kids or people with vision issues that makes it hard for them to use irons or a scope. For this price you can’t beat these lasers. Good item for instruction or plinking

By Jay on 07/28/22
Good Laser

Works Great...

By 10-22 rug on 02/27/22
Working great

Install it easy. Working great

By LetsGoBrandon on 02/06/22
Great laser great price

I really liked that this design & laser by lasermax because it was specifically made for 10/22 carbine (not the 10/22 international) Each side has short pic rail & "Ruger 10/22" logo. Easily assembled & installed in minutes. Ambidextrous on/off switch and decent sized dot & visibility. It only has red laser but for the price who cares. Easily sighted in & has held its position after 300+ rounds. I've had my 10/22 for 27+yrs. So long ago it came with traditional wood stock & Bulter Creek folding stock. The laser band fit perfectly on both stocks. I would definitely recommend getting one if you've got a 1022.

*side note the coyotes on our farm are not happy, but I sure am

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By William and Debbie Whalen on 10/06/21
100# happy with everything when I put in an order in with you.

It works way better then I though it would. Put me on the bullseyes faster then it I did not have one.

By Michael Mctruck’n on 08/29/21
Extreme deal

This was a crazy good deal. $40 for two! Only problem is that they only fit the 10/22 with a metal barrel band on the fore end. I have one that fits and my other 10/22 with premium barrel doesn’t have the the fore end strap! Still great deal! Not super long distance laser but fun for the kids!!

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By Dr. Pereira on 06/23/21

The Ruger Lasermax 10/22 Factory Red Laser Band fit perfectly. I took a limited effort to install and sight it in. I have two Ruger 10/22 and I put one on each. Should the SHTF, I can easily hand the 10/22 with a 30 round clip on it to my wife. We all know that the 22 LR is responsible for more casualties each year than any other caliber. With a laser and no kick so to say, sighting in and hitting the target each and every time is no issue at all. I am very very pleased with the result. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to turn a plinker into a real accurate and deadly weapon.

By Mark on 04/16/21
Lasermax and Ruger 10/22 Upgrade

East install and the sling stud that was on the stock teal clamp fits in the Lasermax clamp on the front of the stock. East to adjust the laser position using my scope and adjustment Allen wrench provided with the laser.

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By JRhett57 on 02/11/21
Nicer then I expected. Fits and looks great.

I saw this was made by laser mark in conjunction with Ruger. I bought two. Easy to install and really look good on the barrels. I have yet to get out and site them in, But look forward to doing so with my grandson. They are well made other then the two tiny Phillips head screws holding the battery cover on. I hope this is not a problem in the future to remove with such tiny heads. Looking forward to getting out to site them in.

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By t c on 02/04/21


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