PMC 45 Auto / ACP 230 gr FMJ Case Of 1000 Rounds Bulk Ammo

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A case of 1000 (20 boxes of 50) PMC 45 Auto 230 gr FMJ ammunition

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By E.E.Michael on 10/23/20
Short changed

I have a long and storied history with PMC Blazer Ammo, that's why I had no qualms about ordering 3000 rounds.

What I don't like is 2 of the cases were roughed up quite a bit, one more than the other. The case in the worst shape had about half the 50 round boxes busted open or we're just missing.

Now to cut to the chase. I only received 2,751 rounds. That's right 249 missing rounds. I received the 3 cases one at a time, over a period of maybe 6-8 days.

Some time after getting the first two cases, my Wife died. Now I have more important things to do.

The third case shows up, it's all busted up. I finally get someone to email me about it. They ask for an exact count of all three boxes so THEY can lodge a complaint with the shipper. After complying with that request.....that's the last I heard from GUN

I'm broken hearted, sad...losing my love of 44yrs. Now I have some internet company jerking me around. I'm out 249 rounds of ammo that's basically worth it's weight in gold and I have 3 1/2 weeks of dead air from Gunprime. I've tried asking about it...I get dead air.

I like PMC ammo, just wish I had all I paid for.


By TRL Firearms & Gunsmithing llc on 10/12/20
Reliable PMC Product!

Another good PMC product, Plenty of power, consistent loads.

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