Panzer Arms 12 Ga AR12 Distressed Fume CRA AR12SFCRA

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Panzer Arms of TURKEY, introduces you the latest generation of the AR-12 shotgun. The AR 12 shotgun is semi-auto, gas operated shotgun that loos and functions like an AR15 rifle. AR12 Shotguns are designed to be a multi-purpose that will fill the need of tactical, home defense, hunting and sporting customers. As Panzer Arms of TURKEY, we give our words to make our customer’s level of satisfaction to be high and commit our words with more than 20 years of experience of our manufacturer.

The AR-12 comes with a detachable front site and a detachable carry handle with rear sight. The shotgun is chambered for 3 -inch and has a 20-in barrel with a manual safety. Designed for tactical use with its AR platform, steel barrel this shotgun is made with performance and durability in mind.
In addition, all these come with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.



Gauge                                              12  

Chamber                                          3”/76 mm

Action                                               Magazine Fed Semi-Auto

Barrel Lenght                                  51 cm/20”

Upper Receiver                               Aluminum 7075

                                                         with anadized finish

Lower Receiver                               PA 6 GFR 30 / PA6 GFR 31

Barrel Coating                                 Chrome

Barrel Material                                 4140 Full Steel

Magazine Capacity                          2+1/5+1/10+1

Sight Material                                  PA 6 GFR 30 / PA6 GFR 30

Overall Lenght                                 98 cm/40,5”

Overall Weight                                 6,5 lbs

(with empty magazines)

Sights                                               Folding type & Adjustable

Stock                                                “PA 6 GFR 30 / PA6 GFR 31”                                                                                                                                 fixed the upper receiver

                                                          with receiver retention bolt


Grip                                                   Ergonomic pistol grip

Hand Guard                                     Machined 7075 anadized                                                                                                                                      Aluminum Quad Rail Handguard

Gas Chamber                                  Welded over the barrel

Trigger                                             Standard

Safety                                              Manual Left Side

Magazine Relase                            Oval type and smaller in size

Pivot and takedown                       -

Pim at lower receiver

Fixing style                                    Uses barrel fixing nut and nucp to fix                                                                                                                   barrel and handguard

Operating                                       Uses operating rod and spring for rear and                                                                                                       forward movement of the bolt

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Manufacturer: Panzer Arms
Model: AR12
Caliber: 12 GA
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