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Keltec PMR-30 22 WMR Black Pistol PMR30



The PMR-30 is a light weight, full size pistol(.22WMR). The PMR-30 operates on a unique hybrid blowback/locked-breech system. This operation system allows for the use of a wide variety of ammunition as it seamlessly adjusts between locked breach and blowback operation, depending on the pressure of the cartridge. It uses a double stack magazine of a new design that holds 30 rounds and fits completely in the grip of the pistol. The trigger is a crisp single action with an over travel stop. The manual safety is a thumb activated ambidextrous safety lever (up for SAFE, down for FIRE). The slide locks back after the last shot and a manual slide lock lever is also provided. Slide and barrel are 4140 steel, frame is 7075 aluminum. Grip, slide cover, trigger, mag release, and safety levers are glass reinforced Nylon (Zytel). The magazine is also Zytel with round count ports. Other features include: dual opposing extractors for reliability, heel magazine release to aid in magazine retention, dovetailed aluminum front sight, Picatinny accessory rail under the barrel, Urethane recoil buffer, captive coaxial recoil springs. The barrel is fluted for light weight and effective heat dissipation. PMR30 disassembles for cleaning by removal of a single pin.

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Kel-Tec
Model: PMR-30
Caliber: 22 Mag
SKU: 640832002676
UPC: 640832002676
Vendor: Approved FFL Dealer
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By 30 lover on 08/26/20

It is an amazing weapon. Light easy and accurate...

By Rob on 05/22/20

I recommend this pistol (5 stars) because it is fun to shoot, It is light as a feather, it is reliable to use and there isnt anything like it on the market that compares to it. I had some issues at first but keltec Customer service handled it very well. Overall I enjoy shooting this gun alot; it has an outstanding trigger. The pistol needs the right kind of ammunition to reliably work the action - as mentioned in the Owner's Manual. If you try to shoot under 40gr projectile the action does not cycle as designed. I tried a Winchester 30gr polymer tipped varmint round (2250fps with 20 inch barrel!)and the FTF and FTE issues wouldn't stop. I went back to CCI 40gr JHP and the gun has no FTF, FTE problems since. I also use Hornady 45 gr critical defense with no problems.

I had an issue with the magazines that came with the gun. No matter how I loaded mags I was only able to get 27 rounds and 25 rounds in the two stock mags. If I would have forced them in I would risk denting the side of the cartridge cases. I sent them back to Keltec and they were replaced with two redesigned magazines that hold 30 rounds each. I bought a 3rd magazine that works great and I can carry 91 rounds easily in this setup.

I have a Gen 2 PMR30 which has a redesigned barrel. The Gen 1 barrel is fluted and the Gen 2 barrel is not fluted. I have had no problems with this gun since the mags were replaced and I stuck to the >40gr ammunition.

Good job, all around, to Keltec!

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By Caleb on 01/10/20

This gun is so cool. The PMR hold 30 rounds on 22 magnum. It is zippy. not much recoil. I like it for hiking. It isn't too heavy. Supper accurate, especially in my hands lol.

By Dennis Jordan on 03/21/17

Just bought a Kel Tec PMR and all i can say is that it blew me away. This gun is AWESOME!!! It's light as a feather and blasts out 30 rounds. Recently bought a PPQ and a HK VP9 and this KT is my favorite gun. If you can find BUY IT NOW. You will never be sorry.

By Julius johnson on 02/10/17

I recently purchased this pistol from Gunprime and am very pleased with the ease of my purchase Gunprime gets 5 stars and this PMR30 gets 5 stars this pistol is awsome fired. 90 rounds right out of the box no failures it is a very nice high quality pistol very pleased highly recommend!

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