Federal Premium Gold Medal 260 Rem Ammo 142 grain Hollow Point Boat Tail Case of 200 Rounds Bulk GM260M

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  • 260 Rem
  • 142 grain HPBT
  • 20 rounds per box
  • 10 boxes per case
  • 2750 fps

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Categories: Ammunition
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Federal
Model: Gold Medal
Caliber: 260 Remington
Number of Rounds: 200
SKU: 029465063726
UPC: 029465063726
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (1)
By Daniel on 03/18/22
Great ammo and great dealer

I bought a decent amount of GM260M from GunPrime and I was surprised to see that they were asking a fair price for the ammo as opposed to some other very large distributors who had the price almost double what GP was asking. While I had previously shot GM308M in years past and had only used handloads in my custom Bighorn/Krieger 260, I wanted to have a nice stash of ammo on hand without spending a ton of time making handloads.

The ammo itself is good as expected. No, it won't shoot as well as good hand-loads tailored to a specific rifle, but this is not hand loaded ammo after all and it's designed to be accurate in a wide variety of chambers. That being said it's the most accurate factory loaded ammo in my experience (with possible exception of Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor which is on par with GMM-however that's not an option for us 260 Rem guys anyway). The ammo is plenty accurate enough to take to 1k yards with confidence and if I'm looking for bench-rest accuracy I'll spend the time to roll my own, fortunately I don't have to do that if I want to just go shoot some great ammo without laboring for hours beforehand.

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