CCI Shotshell 22 LR Ammo 1/15 oz #12 Shot 31 grain Box of 20 Rounds 0039

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When you take a closer look at the needs of shooters, you find there are several unique options that make sense. Rimfire and centerfire pistol shotshells are perfect examples, and set CCI apart from everyone else. Pests can be hard-to-hit problems. CCI's shotshell options are excellent answers at short range. CCI(R) also has an industry exclusive in the Pest Control/Specialty line 22 WRF with a jacketed hollow-point bullet. This load combines a 19th century favorite with 21st century technology and is ideal for old barrels. When pests present themselves a bit farther out, the CB Long's accuracy makes it an ideal choice. This caliber is also fun for plinking. CCI(R) knows that there are even times when no bullet at all is the best choice. A Noise Blank can be used in any gun chambered for 22 Short, Long or Long Rifle.

  • 22 Long Rifle
  • 1,000 Feet per second
  • 31 Grains of #12 shot
  • Shotshell
  • 20 Rounds per box

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Categories: Ammunition
Condition: New
Manufacturer: CCI
Model: Shotshell
Number of Rounds: 20
SKU: 076683000392
MPN: 0039
UPC: 076683000392
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (29)
By Jo on 10/20/22
Works great

Like it easy to use and gets the job done

By Don Amador on 04/14/22
Great Service and Price

As shooters know, the 22LR Shotshell #12 is a great short range tool to have on hand to mitigate pests around the property. Nice
to find a place that stocks it at a great price. Just my two cents.

By Much more effective than I expected. on 03/09/22
Very impressed.

I’m in the pest control industry so I purchased these rounds to shoot snakes or other critters in crawl spaces or attics without damaging homes. I tested this in my own attic and the shelves did not go through the sheet rock. I’ve shot several rounds in target practice and it is highly effective for up to about 20 yards or so.

By Garry on 10/18/21
Perfect for the job

When I hunt deer in bow season snakes are still active. My state permits dispatching a deer wounded with an arrow by a .22 caliber pistol. With these CCI 22 LR shot shell rounds I can go into the woods with my Bond Arms Derringer loaded for snakes and switch out to .22 LR hollow points if needed for the deer. One small gun with two different rounds gets the job done!

By BUDDY on 06/02/21
Professional Service

Does the job, I wanted it for. I have used them for years.

By Rick on 05/29/21

Been using these for years. I have copper head snakes all over my property. I carry a 22lr pistol when working around my place. Works well within 10-8 feet. Sometimes need a second shot if its a big one just to finish it off. Use about 40 rounds a season.

By F.Hampton on 05/27/21
Great company

I could not believe how fast i recieved these. Everywhere else was either back ordered for weeks or didnt have any plans to get a new supply. Well packed and quick!

By uncle AL on 05/27/21
Great shotshells !

A great product for small pests. Have used this brand for many years and have taken care of business . A good price and fast shipping on a sometimes hard to find product . Strongly recommend. I will reorder as needed. Cheers.

By Samuel I on 05/19/21
Perfect Foe Me

These seemed to be hard to find but GUNPRIME had them in stock. Good price and fast shipping. Great experience.

By Marcus on 05/19/21
Great service

Service is the best

By Great pest control on 05/18/21
Fair price and fast shipping.

Does the job on rats .

By Mark on 05/18/21
CCI 22LR shot shells

Hard to find item ,works great in all my 22 cal handguns, and gets the job done.

By steve on 05/16/21
CCI shot shells

Have always used this, and were hard to find.
Glad I was able to find them and the price was fair and shipping was fast

By Jim m on 05/13/21
Great service

Fast shipping great price

By Monte on 05/07/21
Easy peasy ordering easy to track order can't ask for much better

Good product

By Gary on 04/29/21
Excellent Service

I couldn't find shells anywhere but Gunprime not only had the shells I wanted, but I was able to buy 5 boxes. 5 Stars

By colt 45 on 04/28/21
Awsome service and fast shipping

cci 22lr shotshell works just fine for snakes and mice

By John Moos on 04/28/21

It works. Nothing to dislike.

By Chris on 04/19/21

These are amazing for people with farms and have pest problems!

By EJ on 04/10/21
Great fun for carpenter bees

Offers good shooting practice while removing carpenter that destroy wood strength....Price has doubled but welcome to the Biden inflation era.....

By Don M on 04/09/21
Same as all ammo now Pricey

Great product. Will buy again,but almost twice the price as last year. Hope it gets better from here. Great service from Gunprime.

By Greg on 04/08/21
This load is a safe and effective rat killer!

Really effective with my Ruger Wrangler, no misfires and very accurate at short range! I would definitely recommend and will buy again, if needed.

By Brian C on 04/05/21
Perfect for shooting snakes!

Great product and GunPrime had them IN STOCK!!! Fast Shipping!

By rk on 03/30/21
excellent product

does what it is meant to do

By Rex M on 03/25/21
A great time to discover Gunprime

With the current ammo shortage I looked all over hades and high water for 22 LR shotshell. Nowhere to be found locally and online outlets are out of stock. It was quite by accident through an internet search that I found Gunprime and was even slightly leery when I saw 22 shotshell available. Sure enough they had it. Price was good, transactions smooth and shipping is FAST! Here in north central North Carolina we are entering the time of year when venomous snakes are coming out of hibernation. When I find one far too close to the house, as I did last year with two copperheads, I can't take the risk my wife or our special needs son might take a strike. It's illegal to relocate them so I'm left with little choice. Actually in our area they are more than abundant so endangered they are not. Anyway, thanks to Gunprime, should I find one outside the back door again, my neighbors won't be startled by a shotgun blast! Thanks Gunprime!

By Baldeyfireman on 03/20/21

The 22 shot shells work well for small rodents around our property. Your prices were good shipping was quick. Thank you i will use you again

By TR on 03/17/21

First time ordering from Gunprime. I was surprised how easy it was to navigate the website and order. I was even more surprised at how fast and they got the order out. I received updates constantly throughout. Hands down this was one of the best ordering experiences ever, totally recommend these guys!

By Tobias Pardue on 03/16/21
Exactly what I ordered; delivered with lightning speed

I use these around the barn for pest control, and I was out. Yes, prices are high right now, but at least gunprime had it, only charged one low shipping charge, and shipped it within 24 hours of my order. I have found a new “go to” online ammo seller, and couldn’t be happier. Thank you.

By Amy on 02/18/21
Love this product! Couldn’t wait to order more.

Worked better and more success than I could of ever imagined. Wish I was able to find more quantities of it better, seems to be a shortage of them. Bought more as soon as I found it was available!!

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