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American Tactical would like to introduce our latest import from PARS MFG in Turkey, THE BULL-DOG! This semi-automatic 12GA shotgun's new age look and modular design is a perfect fit for all types of gun owners. From the quick acquisition flip up sights, 3" chamber and 3-piece choke tube set for our avid shot gun users, to the AR style charging handle, picatinny and MLOK rails for our tactical gun users. 

Also featuring an adjustable cheek rest and a picatinny cut out at the base of the magazine, this allows you to slide your spare full or empty magazine onto the bottom picatinny rail and use the magazine as a fore grip. With an easy access quick release button to change mags fast and efficiently.


Caliber: 12GA

3" Chamber

5 round magazine with picatinny cut out

3-piece choke tube set

AR style charging handle

Flip up sights

Adjustable Cheek Rest

Picatinny & MLOK Rail


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Categories: Semi Auto Shotguns
Tags: Bullpup
Condition: New
Model: Bulldog
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 819644026037
UPC: 819644026037
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (23)
By Rick Tha Rula (Alabama) on 03/16/22
Purchase of the Year!

Only had it a short time but I've enjoyed it SO FAR... Only used 2 3/4 shells from low power to high brass, even 00 buckshots and it unloaded them all with no hangups!.. Like I said, only had it a short time but a couple buddies and I don put 40+ rounds through it. I done alot of research before purchasing,that's what made me purchase it & I highly recommend it!!

By Lawrence on 03/16/22
Superior service providing superior firepower

The process was impeccable; my FFL decided to not accept the package and gunprime showed due diligence in rerouting said package for me without issues. The bullpup is sturdy and very well built. Excellent work gunprime...true professionals!

User uploaded images:

By Eric B on 03/16/22
Experience was excellent

Very nice shot gun!

By Russ on 01/24/22
Wicked lil toy!

So far this has been a fun purchase! Havent had any issues with the firearm, very comfortable, very functional, and easy on the eyes as well! Great purchase and I would highly recommend!

By Jerry on 10/29/21
Very fun gun that eats all kinds of ammo with no problem!

Awesome gun and fun to shoot! Didn't have any problems cycling through various ammo from very cheap 2 3/4" shells to more powerful 3" shells. I put on a sig red dot and got a 10 round magazine from Panzer that works well. My only real complaint about the gun is the rails on it. It can be very difficult to take accessories on and off the rails depending on what you have.

By Donnie Campbell on 09/18/21

I am very happy with my purchase, it arrived very fast and it is just what I wanted.

By Jim D on 06/22/21
Great all went well order came quick

Looks great works well would buy again

By Kevin on 06/16/21
Fun gun.

Fun gun to shoot, worked flawlessly out of the box.

By Doc Miller on 06/06/21
Runs like a sewing machine

Love this weapon! I’ve run, 00, slugs and #8 shot through it and it eats them up. No issues with the way it feeds & fires. The brass cap on the shells will catch when loading the magazine but it’s easily overcome by pushing the previous shell down.

Gun hits like a 10lb. Hammer!

By Erwin on 01/07/21
Great online gun dealer

I always check other reviews before I buy something, particularly when there is more money involved.

First, there is nothing like handling a gun before you buy. Then, it would be great to fire a few rounds to get an idea of how the gun behaves.

Even with an in-person gun dealer, that is not possible with a new gun and unlikely with even a used gun unless they have an available range to use.

That said, some reviews for various online dealers have had problems with getting there guns on time, getting it through or from an FFL dealer who can verify their ability to legally buy a gun. If a person has not checked that out to make sure they don't have some kind of felony, restraining order, illegal alien, dishonorable discharge, or a drug user, before they order a gun sent to an FFL who needs to check those things, they are asking for trouble.

Having a Gun Permit, I knew I was in pretty good shape on all of that

Ordered my gun on December 23 knowing I would not get my new BB gun (ATA Bulldog SGA 12GA for Christmas. I was shipped just after Christmas Day and I got it UPS ground in about 4 days plus the interruptions of New Years Day and the weekend which added time. I could track the progress.

Talking just one time to verify Gunprime, the guy called me "Sir", answered my question about shipping another on how many of these they had on hand because they are hard to find. I ordered online and got my new favorite gun in good shape.

5 star service is only the highest I could give for a rating.

By Tasha on 12/26/20
Fast delivery

Yes I love the look and feel of my bulldog! Only problem and has nothing to do with gun prime. Unfortunately when shipped to my local gun shop it’s been there for over 2 weeks pending still. Hopefully soon I can shoot it! Very excited!

By Shell Duvernay on 11/02/20
Excellent from start to finish.

Very impressed, heading to the range as soon as i can.

By Jiggy on 07/08/20

Fun gun to shoot at the range. Able to cycle most rounds: slug, buck, bird, and target loads. It takes a solid stance, firm grip, and chest bracing to handle this BEAST! The only problem was the aftermarket Typhoon magazine, which didn't fit well with gun. I would also suggest to buy a separate recoil pad coz the rubber buttstock is pretty hard. You will feel the kick if you're not ready.

By Jiggy on 07/08/20

Fun gun to shoot at the range. Able to cycle most rounds: slug, buck, bird, and target loads. It takes a solid stance, firm grip, and chest bracing to handle this BEAST! The only problem was the aftermarket Typhoon magazine, which didn't fit well with gun. I would also suggest to buy a separate recoil pad coz the rubber buttstock is pretty hard. You will feel the kick if you're not ready.

By Lamar on 07/07/20

Outstanding service !! Fast service and reliable!

By 10ECBob on 07/06/20
Looks Intimidating

Test fireing was a real treat. We found out right away not to use low velocity shells, they will not eject or rechamber. It took a little getting used to the short stock but not long. I found the peep sights should stay in the box, it took me too long to get ligned up. The red/green dot sight may be best, if you can find one😳 The front magazine feature is outstanding, the overall length is most desirable & seems to be well made.. The overall consenses was 5 star even after paying $150.00 over list.

By Greg B on 06/17/20
sweet auto 12 gauge

made well, the ability to connect the magazine to multiple places for grip and or storage is a nice addition. The delivery was spot on, nice communication and follow though.

By W.R. on 06/15/20
Great product availability, Fast Shipping

Good Design, Smaller Footprint than full size Shotgun, Aggressive Look & Feel, Great magazine accessory design...

By Motz7d on 06/14/20
Very Impressed

After doing a ton of research on bullpup shotguns, I decided to look for both this and the Panzer (which seems to be almost the same). I couldn’t find anything anywhere until I landed on Gunprime. I had never heard of it so I was hesitant, but I went ahead with the order and had it shipped to my local dealer.

First, Gunprime: excellent communication, fast shipping, and an overall great experience. I had the rifle in hand within five days. I ordered on a Friday and it arrived at my FFL by Tuesday, and that was with Gunprime having to verify my dealer. Gunprime sent me email and text updates throughout the process.

Second, the shotgun: wow. This thing is awesome. I took it out today and loaded up the 5 rd mag with some random buckshot I picked up. I also ordered a 10 rd panzer mag, which fits this gun, and loaded it up with some Federal target load. I was worried the gun would cycle the lower pressure rounds, but I had no problems at all. Target load, buckshot, slugs, everything shot flawlessly. All of this right out of the box, I didn’t have a chance to clean the gun before I took it out. I probably put 40 or so rounds through it with 0 failures.

The gun isn’t perfect, but it’s well worth the price, fun to shoot, and has definite home defense capability. Some of the cons. First, it has a rear sling clip but not a front. I fixed that by ordering a front sling clip that attaches to the rail. Second, I don’t love the sights it comes with. They look cool, but I’m having some trouble getting the aim figured out. I might put a dot on it, but for now I’ll just continue to play with the sights. They’re easy to take on and off, so no worries. Third, while the magazine attaching as a front hand grip is awesome, you have to sand the parts of the bottom of the mag a bit to make it fit. I got it stuck a few times before I realized that sanding would help. Now it’s awesome. Finally, this thing looks a little tricky to strip. It requires a tool (that is included) which isn’t ever fun. Also, you have to take off the barrel shroud as part of the process and mine is on there pretty tight. I saw a video where a guy had to use a vice the first time he stripped it down. Those minor issues aside, this thing is awesome. Now I need to find more mags!

By JOE on 06/12/20
Very good 👌 service and fast shipping

Very satisfied 😉

By Grant on 06/12/20
Love it

The mag swaps are a little funky and after 100 rounds I had a lightly bruised shoulder . But had zero malfunctions and was a great time to shoot

By Randy on 06/12/20
Super quality.

It's a awesome product. ATI BULLDOG SGA 12GA BULLPUP SHOTGUN
Why everyone say's it's heavier than most, IDK. It's close to perfect + it get's dinner.
Gunprime provided flawless service during the sale & delivery.
4 items purchased from Gunprime, always what they say it is.
And American Tactile has the limited Lifetime warranty.

By Stevenjenks on 06/09/20
Very well built from ATI. Has ran flawlessly on low power ammo

No dislikes only concern is it's a little heavy. If you run a double sling it will be fine

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