The Henry Original Rifle .44-40 Lever Action H011


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The Henry Original Rifle

Made in America for the first time in 150 years

The Henry Was Designed To Be Straight And True And To Protect Your Family, Friends And You.

Invented in the late 1850s by Benjamin Tyler Henry, this revolutionary lever action repeating rifle was the most important firearm of its time and went on to become the most legendary American firearm of all time. Patented in 1860 and first used during the Civil War, the rifle’s rapid fire capability and high-capacity tubular magazine stood in amazing contrast to its single-shot musket counterpart. It became known as the rifle you could “load on Sunday and shoot all week long.” After the war, the Henry rifle headed west and went on to play a significant role in the homesteading of that great frontier.

The Original Henry Rifle is virtually identical to its history-making forerunner in all aspects. The only exception: it is a .44-40 caliber. The 1860 version was made in caliber .44 Rimfire, also invented by Benjamin Tyler Henry, but long an obsolete cartridge. Every other facet remains true to its inventor, and each gun’s serial number begins with the initials BTH in his honor.

Made with the same American pride and attention to detail as all Henry Repeating Arms rifles, the Original Henry Rifle features a hardened brass receiver with the same tensile and yield strength as steel; a one piece, 24 1/2 inch octagonal barrel/tubular feed; a genuine American fancy walnut buttstock and a classic folding ladder rear sight paired with a traditional blade front sight.


The Henry Original
Model Number H011
Action Type Lever Action
Caliber .44-40
Capacity 13 1
Length 43″
Barrel Length 24″
Weight 9 lbs.
Stock Fancy American Walnut Buttstock with Hardened Brass Buttplate
Sights Folding Ladder Rear, Blade Front
Finish Hardened Brass Receiver with Blued Steel Barrel
M.S.R.P. $2,300.00


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