Steyr AUG/A3 SA USA 16″ | 5.56 or .223 | Bullpup Rifle


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Conceived to meet the state-of-the-art requirements of today’s sports.

Unsurpassed performance, superb quality, optimum user comfort in handling, and long service life have been the parameters the STEYR AUG have been designed for.

The STEYR AUG is a gas operated semi-automatic rifle with a locked action.

The STEYR AUG is famous for its modular concept, which allows it to be quickly disassembled into six main component groups without tools.

Here are the six component groups Ύ

BARREL: The chrome-lined barrel can be quickly changed without the use of tools and has a foldable barrel grip. Gas pressure can be adjusted, allowing functionality under adverse conditions, such as cold weather.

RECEIVER: The receiver has an integrated Picatinny rail (Mil. Std. 1913) on which to mount various devices, such as a scope or flash- light. The barrel is locked into the front and back of the receiver.

TRIGGER MECHANISM: Located in the rear of the stock, it’s designed for semi-automatic fire only.

BOLT: The STEYR AUG has a fixed locking bolt, with seven locking lugs. An optional bolt is available to convert the STEYR AUG from right hand to left hand ejection.

STOCK: Black synthetic bull-pup stock, contains the receiver group, trigger mechanism group, magazine and external bolt release lever.

MAGAZINE: The detachable magazine is a staggered box type and is made of transparent synthetic material. Magazines are available in 30 round (standard) and 42 round (optional) capacities.

SCOPE (Optional): This is the original 1.5 power Austrian made optic for the AUG A3. It is 1.5 x 14. It has a Crosshair/crosshair reticle, with a picatinny rail on top of the optic for additional accessories.


Caliber 5.56 NATO (.223 Rem.)
Action Gas-operated:Gas regulator with two action settings for firing.
Trigger Synthetic (except for springs, steel bearing pins and catch holding open)Fires semi-automatic.
Magazine Detachable, synthetic (transparent) staggered box type
Magazine capacity 30 rounds (42 rounds optional)
Safety Lateral push-through type, locks trigger
Stock Synthetic black
Weight of empty magazine (30 round) 4.27 oz. / 0.12 kgs
Barrel Length 16″ (18.375″ with flash hider)Chrome-lined bore including chamber
Overall Length 28.15

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