Documented Winchester Prototype 9422M XTR 92 22


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Documented Winchester Factory Collection Prototype Winchester Model 9422M XTR Matched Set One of One Thousand Commemorative Lever Action Carbine with Certificate of Provenance. The Matched Set One of One Thousands were released in 1979 with a rifle chambered in 30-30 Win. numbered MC1-MC1000 and a carbine in .22 Win. Mag. numbered MR1-MR1000. This example is of the “MR” variety, showing the standard engraving featuring squirrels and a rabbit hunting scene. Unlike its publicly released counterparts however, this example bears the previously unreleased and experimental serial number “EXP1551”. It is also numbered “F297736” in front of the trigger guard. The included FN America Certificate of Provenance identifies the carbine by model and serial number, stating that it was previously a part of the Winchester Factory Collection where it was maintained by U.S. Repeating Arms.

Excellent overall, retains 99% plus original finishes with some scattered darkening the gold finish concentrated mainly in the background of the engraving, limited handling evidence, and sharp stock checkering. Still with factory grease. Mechanically excellent.

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